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Help Your Audience Remember

I don’t know about you, but I would certainly prefer that people remember key points from my presentations. Take a look. It’s a quick read.

Have You Ever Been Curious If Einstein Actually Said That Quote About The Genius Fish?

Anyone who has ever spent a moment on Whispering Randomness can’t have possibly avoided noting “A little intriguing wordsmithery” in the right column of each and every page. Those aren’t randoms from a popular ‘quote of the day’ email or keyword search site like BrainyQuote, GoodReads, Eduro, The Quotations Page or The Quote Factory. Every single one… Read More »

Sorry I was on mute.

A typical day at the office. The reminder goes off in Outlook 15 minutes early for that 9:00 meeting and it begins. Am I on time, because I patiently wait the 15 minutes, or am I late and holding the meeting up because I started a task that took 20 and was so focused that… Read More »

Half Work Ruins Your Productivity

Half-work is the reason why you’re able to get more done on your last day before vacation (when you really focus) than you do in the 2 weeks previous (when you’re constantly distracted). Makes a lot of sense right? So don’t do it! There’s no benefit to anyone when you plain and simple waste time.… Read More »