Monthly Archives: January 2014

Sorry I was on mute.

A typical day at the office. The reminder goes off in Outlook 15 minutes early for that 9:00 meeting and it begins. Am I on time, because I patiently wait the 15 minutes, or am I late and holding the meeting up because I started a task that took 20 and was so focused that… Read More »

This Night Vision Deer Cam Can See When People Approach and Email You the Pics Immediately!

It’s Not Just a Deer Cam! You Can Catch People With it Too! If you have a need for portable, truly wireless surveillance, let me know. I’ve worked with Smart Scouter in the past. Their remote cellular security cameras are well suited to many diverse scenarios such as: temporary surveillance highly remote areas short term parking in… Read More »

3-D Printed Housing Evolution

I just watched a simulation of a rather unique 3D Printer. I missed this NBC Nightly News piece when it ran in December 2012. Timing in the interview indicates potential real world equipment being available very soon. Who needs a single house? Imagine printing out a ‘compound’ with separate units all sharing common utility connections,… Read More »

Half Work Ruins Your Productivity

Half-work is the reason why you’re able to get more done on your last day before vacation (when you really focus) than you do in the 2 weeks previous (when you’re constantly distracted). Makes a lot of sense right? So don’t do it! There’s no benefit to anyone when you plain and simple waste time.… Read More »

Delicious Burgers and Buns of Fry

I’m not sure why I’m fixated on finding delicious burgers this weekend. My quest led me to Smashburger in St. Davids last night where I had a couple pretty good half pounders. One was a Philly on a pretzel bun wit Cheez Whiz, of course. They were pretty tasty.   Their fries are skinny like Potato Stix… Read More »