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This Video Will Hurt!

I just watched this with my kid. After 10 seconds he starts holding his head. After another 5 my temples start throbbing.  Quite the experience! Press PLAY. I dare you. Ouch. And on that note, I believe! The brain is a strange, highly complex place.

Are Common Household Appliances Spying on You?

Two network / information security concerns showed up on my radar this week. They aren’t from normally anticipated places, so I thought I’d share. The first one originated in Chinese manufacturing plants. Apparently, some Russian inspectors found rogue WiFi hardware inside of random goods where they should’t find them. Concerned? Do you have a new… Read More »

There’s Something to be Said for Living Small

Is small the new big? Maybe. It’s something to think about. The who, why, how and where about this tiny house: I’m not what you would call doomsday prepper, but enough related topics have caught my attention recently that I’m paying attention. E.G., the Soylent food alternative and some really cool survivalist tools. It… Read More »

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